What are the non-profits that Bones Wilmington supports?

  • The Big Paw Project 
  • Rosey's Rescue 
  • All4Cats Rescue  
  • New Hanover SPCA 
  • Cape Fear Spay and Neuter (not a non-profit, but they accept donations and do great things) 
  • Fresh Start Rescue 
  • Dawn's Wildlife Rescue 
  • Montey's Home 
  • Paws 4 People 
  • Paws For A Cause

What are the markets that Bones Wilmington attends? 

  • Crafted Market (1st Sunday of every month, there will always be one in the courtyard hosted by Crafted Outpost, with a new theme each month, its dog/kid friendly) 
  • Second Sunday at Satellite Bar and Lounge 
  • The Groove Market, both at Waterman's and Riverlights 
  • The Wave Market at the Point at Barclay 
  • Hi-Wire markets

NOTE: our schedule sometimes changes, please contact us to confirm attendance at events prior to coming out.
We also attend other events that may not be listed. Check out our Facebook or Instagram pages for more information.

Are your products local?

Many of the treats are from North Carolina small mom and pop shops, while our other products are ethically sourced from reputable farms and small-batch American companies. All the artists in Bones live and work in Wilmington, NC.

Where are you located?

I own Wilmington, NC’s first and only shipping container pet boutique in the Cargo District. You can find me in the courtyard shopping area near the intersection of 16th St and Queen St.

What is your shipping/delivery policy? 

I offer free local delivery within 10 miles of Bones on orders more than $40. As far as shipping, boxes will be recycled, so beware, it won't be fancy BUT it will be packed tight and shipped at the lowest possible cost to you. 

Do you offer wholesale pricing? 

Yes! I can get you discounted products if you buy in bulk. Contact me and I can make it happen.

Are your bones safe?  

The bones I sell are slow cooked in air dryers in order to preserve the quality and nutrients of the item. This process also ensures that the bones don't splinter.

Where else can I find Bones? 

Check out the upcoming events page, as I will be attending local markets in the area. I will be able to have the more delicate and also the bigger items with me as these events. 

Are antlers safe?
Yes, antlers are safe and dogs can chew on them! Deer and elk antlers are considered safer for dogs than rawhide, primarily due to the fact that they don’t easily splinter and are an all-natural chew. Antlers are also an extremely long-lasting treat in comparison to other types of dog chews.
Why should I shop small rather than go to a chain store?
When you shop small, you reinvest your dollars back into the community. Bones partners with local nonprofits for special events and help raise awareness for ways we can all support our local rescues. I also hand-select premium and ethically sourced brands to bring you the same products we would give to our own fur babies.